Acquagiusta Vermentino

Color: straw-yellow with slight greenish reflections.
Bouquet: fruity, with immediate floreal notes and a pleasant vegetable background.
The taste: is fragrant and delicate with a notable acidity making it fresh and pleasantly drinkable.
Varietal composition: 100% Vermentino

Acquagiusta Vermentino, a name so beautiful on the tongue, is a child of the wind. The wind that cradles and coddles it enabling it to develop, in all meanings of the word, as both a wine and a plant. This salty sea breeze gently caresses the rows of vines, creating the ideal conditions for grape maturation. A perfect microclimate but, most importantly, a natural cure that protects plants from sickness. A kind of primeval dehumidifier that also produces zero emissions. The grape harvest here is always measured by nature and the climate and based on time proven agronomic knowledge. There are three phases in the harvest: the first or “early” harvest for freshness and acidity; the second when grapes are fully ripe for structure and smoothness; and, finally, the third that captures the full expression of aromatic elements.


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