Acquagiusta Rosé

Color: ripe onion skin.
Bouquet: red berries with the intense spicy and balsamic notes of Mediterranean underbrush.
The taste: is both vigorous and elegant, with a superb balance of alcohol, acidity and body, and notable aromatic persistence.
Varietal composition: 100% Alicante.

Acquagiusta rosé is the “wildest” of the estate and perhaps the most original. What makes it special? An ability to transcend the formulas of the numerous other wines produced from Alicante. Though it certainly respects tradition, its interpretation is defined by originality and an innovative vision. Besides, we are in Maremma where Alicante is not “just” a varietal but also a concept, a true protagonist and storyteller of this land. The brilliant idea, however, was to produce a white wine from a red grape, whose flavour is able to encapsulate the exuberance and vigour of the varietal. The great challenge? Merge structure with elegance and, why not, with charming and excellent drinkability. All of this in the spirit of the land and sensory balance, while respecting and enhancing the unique characteristics of a varietal like Alicante.


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