Color: intense straw-yellow
Bouquet: characterized by intense spicy and balsamic notes which recall broom flowers and the freshness of wildflowers and myrtle leaves after a spring storm.
The taste in the mouth is elegant and delicate with full-bodied alcohol and acidity giving it a well-balanced persistence.
Varietal composition: 100% Viognier.

Acquadoro, a wine for many but not for all, is created from a specific varietal, Viogner, and the multifaceted character of the land of the Maremma. A harmonious and in some ways courageous merging of the historic aromatic qualities of the varietal and the added value of the terroir, which in Acquadoro translates into the fragrance of fresh flowers and Mediterranean maquis. A balanced collage made possible through the meticulous management of the vineyard and careful harvesting of grapes that, once in the winery, are handled with oenological expertise and full respect for their original characteristics.


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