The ancient roots of the future

Just a few kilometres from Castiglione della Pescaia, at a slightly higher altitude than the area once occupied by Prile Lake, sits Tenuta La Badiola, today owned by the Terra Moretti Group. It was the residence of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II who, with forward thinking intuition, decided to transform it into an exemplary agricultural hub. A brilliant decision that, for Italy in the mid nineteenth century, represented a genuine model for an innovative agricultural system.

The estate currently includes 500 hectares distinguished by the variety and biodiversity of the Maremma countryside, with flat and sloping areas and hills covered by vineyards, olive groves, forests and Mediterranean maquis.

In this harmonious dialogue between nature and the manmade the Acquagiusta spring has always played a crucial role. A subterranean spring that flows naturally from the rocks, this “magical” and perpetual fount has given life and fertility to the lands and inhabitants of the estate since the times of Leopold II. To such an extent that the setting, richness and luxuriance of nature in those days has become a vision over time, a sort of motivating force, and a virtuous example that inspires the present day work at Tenuta La Badiola.

And so water is, paradoxically, a source of inspiration for wine production. But even more importantly, the Acquagiusta is a spring that serves as an ideal, even symbolic reference for all the wines of Tenuta La Badiola. The wines of the Acquagiusta are thus like the children of a spring and a region, inspired by the spirit of the place, moulded by the wind and sun, marked by the earth and time.

This vinicultural project arises from respect for the “agricultural wisdom” of the past and intends to restore the identity of grapevine cultivation, which has been neglected for so long in this magnificent and unique area of Italy – the Tuscan Maremma.