And Oil

Natural, unfiltered clarity with a medium viscosity when poured.
Color: yellow with green reflections.
Bouquet: fruity, with a pronounced smell of olives and herbal accents.
Flavor: opens sweetly on the palate, giving way to a pleasant, delicately spicy and bitter aftertaste with interesting herbal notes.
Culinary pairings: poured directly on salads, bruschette, bean and lentil soups, fish and any and all Tuscan dishes. Excellent also for crudités or with selected cheeses.

The Badiola olive grove is an ancient treasure: its hundred-year-old trees provide visual proof of the historical roots of the place. It was Leopold II who, as he was building the farmhouse, cut the brush to make room for olive trees, grafting several onto wild plants. The soil is poor but skeletal and all the land faces south. The two most numerous olive varieties are Leccino and Moraiolo.
Olives are harvested by hand from October to November. Pressing is performed via mechanical cold pressing.


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