A multidimensional wine

The languages of wine

Besides the pleasure of an excellent glass of wine, there are other things that can take us back, with as much delight and perhaps even greater satisfaction, to the origins of wine and its intense relationship with the land, climate, soil and resources of a place.
These features belong to the region, to all regions, in both northern and southern Italy, Lombardy and Tuscany. They are a combination of factors that form an unusual emotional geography, an image that together with others becomes a vision, a sort of narration that takes shape in wine.
A multidimensional wine that, for the Terra Moretti Group and its global vision of agriculture and oenology, presence in the region and nearness to other regions, has always signified a commitment to innovative paradigms and quality. All of which has been defined by a search for increasingly sustainable viticultural models that respect nature and are in synch with the history of the place and the oenological and agronomic savoir-faire of the zone. It is thus a lifestyle, as well as a production choice, with a dynamic view of the region, which can be measured against the history and present local economy but also culture, identity, landscape and gastronomic traditions of every place.

Francesca Moretti